Fierce Female Footballers

This story is very dear to my heart. As a child, I loved football and had to give it up, for the simple fact that no one would play with me. The boys didn't want to play, because I was a girl and that was synonymous to weakness. The girls thought I was weird playing boys, in the end I had to concede and become Scary Spice in a random line of girls (no joke- it was the only way I could make friends). 

Move a few years on and things still haven't changed enough. So, these girls and their story has really stood out. They've preserved, refused to be limited by the status quo, and gone onto win a football league (that up until recently only boys could partake in). There's no reason for football being a more 'male sport'... none whatsoever. So, let's change this and use these girls as inspiration. In the words of Chimamanda Adichi "Culture does not make people, people make culture"